• Over-the-air splicer firmware updates
  • Splicer health monitoring and diagnostics
  • Splice data management with geotagging
  • Cloud AI powered preventative maintenance warnings
  • Uses Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth®, for a faster data connection
  • Remote control and splicer management via our SpliceManager web portal


What is SumiCloud™?

SumiCloud™ is much more than ‘just another splicer app’.
It’s a powerful set of cloud based software tools that enhance the productivity of your fusion splicer

The SumiCloud™ environment has 3 components

  1. The SumiCloud™ smart phone app
  2. The SumiCloud™ SpliceManager web portal
  3. The SumiCloud™ services running in the cloud

What can I do with the SumiCloud™ app?

The SumiCloud™ app connects your splicer to Sumitomo’s services running in the cloud via your Android of iOS smart phone.
In the app you can…

  • Check the health of your splicer
  • Use your phone to lock and unlock the splicer
  • Update your splicer’s firmware to the latest version
  • Create reports including splice data, images and GPS tags
  • Geotag and upload stored splice results from the splicer to the cloud
  • Capture splicer screenshots to your phone for sending to support services
  • View preventative maintenance messages generated with help of our cloud based AI

The SumiCloud™ app is available for both Android and iOS

Splicers using the SumiCloud™ system must be fitted with a Sumitomo WLSD Wi-Fi card to allow high speed communication with your nearby smartphone.
Sumitomo’s T-71C+, T-72C, T-72C+ and T-72M12 fusion splicers all support SumiCloud™ operation.

What can I do with SpliceManager?

SpliceManager is Sumitomo’s browser based web portal for remote management of SumiCloud™ connected splicers
SpliceManager allows remote management of 1 to 100s of splicers with multiple layers of authority: administrator, project manager and operator.
The SpliceManager portal allows remote visualisation of splicer and user data via a customisable web browser dashboard.

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