Trackimo® GPS

Global splicer tracking with Trackimo® GPS

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Compatible with T-57, T-72C and T-72C+
  • Track splicers via web portal or phone app
  • Alerts by text, e-mail and app notifications


  • A Trackimo® GPS device customised for use with Sumitomo splicers
    • The Trackimo® GPS is securely integrated into the splicer body
    • The splicer locks if the Trackimo® GPS is tampered or removed
    • Multiple splicers can be managed via an account in the Trackimo® web portal
  • A splicer’s position can be tracked and viewed on a map or in a .csv file

  • Trackimo® GPS can be configured to send warning notifications…
    • Every time the splicer is moved
    • The splicer travels outside a pre-defined geofence
    • The splicer is near an airport
    • The splicer is travelling above a pre-set speed
    • The splicer detects an attempt to tamper with the Trackimo® GPS unit
  • Multilingual
    • Over 20 languages can be selected in the Trackimo® GPS browser portal

As this system runs on Trackimo’s infrastructure, use of Trackimo® GPS with Sumitomo splicers requires an account and a paid subscription with Trackimo A subscription for the first year of use is included.


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