12 core ribbon

T-72M12 Mass fusion splicer for up to 12 core fibre ribbons.

  • Touch screen and AUTO splice mode for easy operation
  • ‘Auto ACAS’ automatic clamp pressure adjustment system for reliable fibre loading
  • Dual heat shrink ovens maximise productivity and remove a process bottleneck
  • Compatible with Sumitomo’s Lynx fusion splice-on field assembly connectors
  • Compatible with SumiCloud smartphone app and cloud hosted serv


  • Fibre types: G651, G652, G653, G655 and G657
  • Fibre diameter: 125um
  • Ribbon types (with 250um core to core pitch ):-
    • 2 core standard (requires optional FHM-2 fibre holders)
    • 4 core standard (requires optional FHM-4 fibre holders)
    • 6 core standard (requires optional FHM-6 fibre holders)
    • 8 core standard (requires optional FHM-8 fibre holders)
    • 10 core standard (requires optional FHM-10 fibre holders)
    • 12 core standard (requires optional FHM-12 fibre holders)
    • 12 core made with 200um diameter fibre (requires optional FHM-12V fibre holders)
  • Ribbon types (with 200um core to core pitch)
    • 12 core Sumitomo Freeform Ribbon (requires optional PCH-12 fibre holders)
  • Single fibre coating and cord types
    • 250um primary coated fibre (requires optional FHS-025 fibre holders)
    • 900um tight buffer secondary coated fibre (requires optional FHS-09 fibre holders)
    • 900um loose buffer secondary coated fibre (requires optional FHS-025LB5 fibre holders)
  • 11 second splice time on 12 core ribbon (Quick Mode)
  • 35 second heat shrink time on Sumitomo 12 core ribbon sleeve (Quick Mode)
  • Associated tools & accessories
    • JR-6+ heated jacket remover for fibre ribbons and single fibres
    • FC-6RM-C precision bench top ribbon cleaver
    • FC-8RF series hand held cleavers
    • JR-M03 fibre stripping tool for single fibres
    • FTA-2 single fibre ribbonising tool.
    • BU-16 Li-ion battery
    • ER-10 electrodes
    • FHS and FHM series fibre holders for single fibres and fibre ribbons
    • FPS and SPS series splice protection sleeves
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