Mechanical splice Quick-SC connectors

Q-SC field assembly connectors with mechanical splice technology

  • Fast field termination using SC format connectors
  • Design based on over 20 years experience with mechanical splice technologies
  • No polishing or adhesives required
  • Simple to assemble with Sumitomo’s guide rail tools
  • Connector body has ‘window’ for splice verification with a visible light source


  • Sumitomo’s guide rail system ensures quick and accurate alignment of the fibre and connector

  • The guide rail system sets the correct insertion pressure of the fibre into the splice

  • Check the connection through the window using a visual fault locator

  • 2 guide jigs and holders included with every 100 connector kits
  • Applicable fibre types: G652D, G657.A1 and G657.A2
  • Applicable coating types
    • 250um primary coating
    • 900um tight or semi-tight buffer secondary coating
  • Applicable cord types
    • 2mm cord made with tight or semi-tight buffer fibre
    • 3mm cord made with tight or semi-tight buffer fibre
  • Polish
    • Single mode: SPC and APC
    • Multimode: PC
  • Typical insertion loss
    • Single mode SPC: 0.2dB
    • Single mode APC: 0.3dB
    • Multimode: 0.1dB
  • Tensile strength
    • 250um primary coating termination: 3N
    • 900um secondary coating termination: 5N
    • 2mm and 3mm cord termination: 50N
  • Typical return loss
    • Single mode SPC: 50dB
    • Single mode APC: 60dB
    • Multimode PC: 35dB
  • Associated tools and accessories
    • Fibre cleaver: FC-6 series or FC-8R series cleavers
    • Fibre stripping tool: JR-M03
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