FC-6+ Series

  • A pair of rugged bench top fibre cleave tools
  • Versions optimised for single fibre work or for working with both ribbons & single fibres
  • Optional offcut collector
  • FC-6R models have Sumitomo’s auto-rotating blade system to reduce field maintenance and give consistent cleave quality


  • Available models
    • FC-6S+
      • auto-return blade carriage
      • simple offcut bin to collect falling fibre
    • FC-6R+
      • auto-return blade carriage
      • auto-rotating blade
      • auto-opening offcut collector
      • automatically pulls fibre offcuts into the collector
  • Fibre type:-
    • Single fibre: 125um cladding diameter
    • Ribbon fibre: up to 12 core ribbon with maximum 250um core to core pitch
  • Blade: field replaceable, lifetime
    • FC-6S+, ~54,000 cleaves
    • FC-6R+, ~60,000 cleaves
  • Consumables
    • Blade for FC-6S+: FCP-20BL
    • Blade for FC-6R+: FCP-20BL(7R)

Counterfeit product warning

The Sumitomo FC-6 series are among the most popular fibre cleavers in mainland China. They have attracted the attention of many ‘clone manufacturers’ who build unauthorised counterfeit copies of our cleavers and cleaver cases. These are offered for sale worldwide on the internet. Such products are not endorsed by Sumitomo and their manufacturers and sellers are not authorised by Sumitomo.

Genuine Sumitomo FC-6 series cleaves made since 2014 have an anti-counterfeit label on the cleaver lid and on the cleaver case. The appearance of the label varies according to illumination conditions.

If you rotate a genuine FC-6+ series cleaver through  90°, the black text and white background swap to become white text on a black background.

If you view the label through a polariser you can see the background text ‘OK OK OK OK’ within the label.






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