Genuine replacement electrodes

Genuine Sumitomo replacement electrodes for your splicer

  • T-25 splicers
    • Use ER-9 electrodes
  • T-25e, T-39, T-55, T-66, T-71 series and T-72 series splicers
    • Use ER-10 electrodes
  • T-201 and T201e splicers
    • Use ER-11 electrodes


Counterfeit product warning
Sumitomo genuine replacement electrodes are widely copied and many vendors offer counterfeit electrodes for sale on the internet.

Non-genuine electrodes may be made of different materials to genuine electrodes. They may have different geometry to genuine electrodes meaning they fail to produce the correct arc shape and may not fit correctly in the splicer.

Use of non-genuine electrodes which fail to mount correctly in the splicer is a common cause of splicer damage. Poorly fitting electrodes can prompt the arc to leak away from its intended path, damaging the splicer.

Support for splice problems caused by use of non-genuine electrodes will not be provided by Sumitomo.

Damage caused to splicers by use of non-genuine electrodes is not covered by the product warranty

If in doubt, buy only genuine Sumitomo replacement electrodes from your local authorised Sumitomo distributor.

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