Genuine replacement cleaver blades

Replacement blade for FC-5S, FC-6 series, FC-7 and FC-8 series cleavers

  • Two blade types
    • FCP-20BL for cleavers with a blade that requires manual rotation adjustment
    • FCP-20BL(7R) for cleaver with a blade that rotates automatically
  • FC-5S, FC-6S, FC-6M and FC-7M use FCP-20BL
  • FC-6RS, FC-6RM, FC-7R and FC-8R use FCP-20BL(7R)




How to identify genuine Sumitomo replacement cleaver blades

  • There are many pattern versions of Sumitomo cleaver blades on the market
  • Some may be made from different materials to those used for genuine blades
  • Some may have different geometry to that of genuine blades
  • To ensure consistent cleave performance and optimum blade life we recommend use of genuine Sumitomo replacement blades.
  • Genuine blades are packed as shown below and include a holographic label which turns green as it catches the light.

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