Fusion splice-on e-SC connectors for drop cable


  • e-SC is ‘easy SC’, for quick and easy SC terminations of FTTH drop cable
  • Connector ferrule is pre-cleaved and pre-polished, no more preparation is required
  • Fusion spliced for reliability and the splicer gives an estimate of insertion loss on splice completion
  • Splice-on & protect an SC drop cable termination in a couple of minutes
  • Compact and reliable terminations


  • Fusion splice-on for ultimate reliability and splice quality


  • Connector kit contains…
    • Pre-cleaved, pre-polished ferrule with fibre stub protector and dust cap with handling tag
    • Splice protection sleeve
    • Connector body and screw-on cable retention collar
    • Disposable clip that holds the connector during assembly

  • Applicable fibre types: G652D, G657.A1 and G657.A2
  • Applicable cable sizes: Nominal 2x3mm, 2x2mm & 1.6x2mm rectangular drop cable
  • Polish: UPC and APC available
  • Typical insertion loss
    • at 1310nm ≤0.3dB
    • at 1550nm ≤0.3dB
  • Tensile strength: 44.1N straight pull, 22.5N side pull
  • Return loss
    • APC  ≥60dB at 1310nm and at 1550nm
    • UPC  ≥50dB at 1310nm and at 1550nm
  • Associated tools and accessories
    • Sumitomo splicer: any of T-201e, T-400S, T-55, T-71C or T-72C
    • Fibre cleaver: FC-6 series or FC-8R series
    • Fibre stripping tool: JR-M03
    • Holders: drop cable side
      • ESCF-HLD-CBL(1.6×2)
      • ESCF-HLD-CBL(2×3)
    • Holders: ferrule side
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