Sumitomo Electric Europe only supports products sold through our authorised resellers. None of Sumitomo’s resellers in Asia are permitted to sell product outside their home country. If you see Sumitomo products advertised on the internet, there’s a high probability they are fake products or products offered by unauthorised channels. Please note the policy statement of our parent company, Sumitomo Electric Industries Co. Ltd concerning parallel import of Sumitomo products.

Purchasing from an unauthorised distributor may be in violation of Sumitomo Electric Industries’ intellectual property rights. Your purchase from an unauthorised reseller shall have the following risks:

Inferior Quality Products purchased through unauthorised channels may be illegally altered by unauthorised and inexperienced parties. We provide no warranty that such products meet specifications or provide expected functions.

Software problems. Our products are sold with software in local languages for their intended markets. Products purchased through unauthorised channels may be from other markets, and have software modified by unauthorised parties. We do not provide any assurance that modified software meets our specifications nor provides expected functions. Your purchase from an unauthorised distributor may cause operating errors to which we may not respond.

In case of parallel imports, Sumitomo Electric Industries treats the products as follows…

* No warranty – Fusion splicers moved outside their intended sales area are not covered under warranty.

* No technical and service support – Technical support of fusion splicer moved outside their intended sales area will be refused. Firmware updates and other on-line support services may not function for machines found to be outside their intended sales area.”

If you have any questions about this, please use the Contact Us page to ask about verification of a reseller. The table below shows our authorised resellers in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia.


Country Name of reseller Website Note
AD ONTec www.ontecandorra.com
AE Alpha Link Technology LLC www.alphalinktech.com
AE Contact: Sumitomo Electric Middle East Office – Dubai   Tel: +97 147017340
AL Makfon IKS d.o.d www.makfon.com
AT FOS Future and Optical Systems e.U. www.fosfiber.at
BE CN Rood NV/SA www.cnrood.com
BF Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
BG Opticom www.opticom.bg
BH Heydox Communications WLL www.heydox.com
BJ Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
BY Opatov UE www.opatov.by
CD Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
CF Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
CG Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
CH Computer Controls AG www.ccontrols.ch
CI Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
CM Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
CY KN Electrologic Services Ltd www.electrologicservices.com
CZ Optovit s.r.o. www.optovit.cz
DE tso GmbH www.tso-gmbh.de
DK Hans Følsgaard A/S www.hf.dk
DZ S.P.A. Miltech www.milltech-dz.com
EE Hexatronic OÜ www.hexatronic.com
EG Universal Advanced Solutions www.uas-eg.com
ES Fibercom S.L. www.fibercom.es
ES Iniciativas de Seguridad e Ingenieria S.L. www.inseinsl.com
ET HAGASIS Engineering plc www.hagasisengineering.com
FI BCC Solutions Oy www.bccsolutions.fi
FR Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
FR Laboptec SARL www.laboptec.com
FR Sigatec SARL www.sigatec.fr
GA Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
GB DM Optics Ltd www.dmoptics.com
GB Eurocables (Belfast) Ltd www.eurocables.co.uk
GB Leader Optec Ltd www.leaderoptec.com
GB Mills Ltd www.millsltd.com
GB Networks Centre Ltd www.networkscentre.com
GH Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
GM Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
GN Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
GQ Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
GR Exceed Solutions www.exceedsolutions.gr
GW Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
HR Mjerne Tehnologije d.o.o. www.mteh.hr
HU Elsinco Budapest Kft www.elsinco.hu
IE Wood Communications Ltd www.woodcom.ie
IL Wave Technologies (GRT) Ltd www.wavetech.co.il
IQ Al Nabaa Network Solutions www.al-nabaa.net
IS Lysir ehf www.lysir.is
IT Ampercom SrL www.ampercom.com Passive components only
IT CPE Italia SpA www.cpeitalia.it Passive components only
IT ITEM SrL www.itemitalia.it
IT MGM Industry s.r.l. www.mgm-industry.com
IT Lizard s.r.l. www.lizardnet.it
IT New FONT srl www.newfontitalia.it Connectors Only
JO Al-Waslat For Telecom and Electric Networking accessories Co. www.alwaslat.com
KE Progressive Fibre Ltd www.progressive.co.ke
KW Saabco Kuwaitia www.saabco.net
KZ Optical Technologies LLP www.optech.kz
LB M.E. Technical Development Co s.a.r.l. ‘TeDevCo’ www.tedevco.com
LR Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
LT JSC InComSystems www.incomsystems.lt
LU CN Rood NV/SA www.cnrood.com
LV SIA Klinkmann Lat www.klinkmann.lv
MA Societe D’Ingenierie Et Reseaux De Telecommunications ‘SIRECOM’ www.sirecom.ma
ME Crony d.o.o. www.crony.rs
MK Makfon IKS d.o.d www.makfon.com
ML Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
MR Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
MT Tektraco Ltd www.tektraco.com
NE Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
NG BT Technologies Ltd www.bttechltd.com
NL CN Rood BV www.cnrood.com
NL Fomax Test and Connectivity BV www.fomax.nl
NO Fiberworks AS www.fiberworks.no
OM Spectral Link Business Solutions L.L.C www.spec-link.com
PL Dariusz Matyjewicz Rate Art P.H.U. www.rateart.com.pl
PT Espectral Telecomunicações SA www.espectral.pt
QT Stratiss Qatar W.L.L. www.stratissqatar.com
RO Celesta Comexim srl www.celesta.ro
RS Crony d.o.o. www.crony.rs
RU Velcom-Siberia Service Ltd www.velcom-s.ru
SA Electronic Solutions House Co T/A ‘CTS’ www.ctsarabia.com
SA Mejdaf Trading Group www.mejdaf.com
SE Quality Networks Nordic AB www.qnetworks.se
SI Fokab d.o.o. www.fokab.si
SK Flextor s.r.o. www.flextor.sk
SL Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
SN Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
TD Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
TG Infractive SA www.infractive.fr
TR Fotech Fiber Optik Teknolojik Hizmetler San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. www.fotech.com.tr
TN Tunisie Test & Mesure SARL   Tel: +216 71237123
TZ Nordic Computers Ltd. www.nordic-computers.com
UA Dimicom LLC www.dimicom.com
UG Seagate Electronics Co. Ltd. www.seagate-electric.co.ug
XK Makfon IKS d.o.d www.makfon.com
ZA Lambda Test Equipment www.lambdatest.co.za